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Video: Build your own SDR

(Source: HamRadioNow via the Southgate ARC)

“Need that title decoded? MDSR = Modulator/Demodulator Software Radio. DIY = Do It Yourself (DOH! I knew that), and SDR… can you guess? Yes! Software Defined Radio. OK?

So, in this episode, Alex Schwarz VE7DXW will tell you about doing SDR on the cheap, using stuff you already have (a conventional SSB radio and your computer), plus their inexpensive interface. You pull RF out of your radio’s IF (some are easier to get into than others), run it thru their board, and into your computer for demodulation, filters… all the usual SDR stuff. And they’re just introducing the Transmit side of the equation.

Their web site is: http://users.skynet.be/myspace/mdsr

Watch HamRadioNow Episode 116 from the DCC: MDSR (DIY SDR)”

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