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Vance explores credit card and earpiece radios


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Vance, who writes:

You got me hooked on those little credit card sized radio kits from an eBay seller so much that I have bought a few more of his kits. I’ve found them to be so much fun, that I have started looking elsewhere for other tiny radios.

I came across this the other day and while it is not a kit, I was wondering if you or your readers had ever tried them and if so, what your opinions are: http://jdradio.weebly.com/index.html


I know it is likely more novelty than performance, but the prices seem ridiculously low for individual buyers.

Also seen here: http://www.centretradegroup.com/Radio.php

I’m not familiar with the earpiece radios in your links. I have read through those sites, though–unfortunately, as I’m sure Vance noted, they lack any in-depth information.

I did a quick Google search and can see that these radios (both the FM and AM versions) have been around for many years–some references go back to 1999.

I imagine the earpiece radio uses the same auto-tuner that became quite popular in the late 90s. Simply press a button and the receiver auto-tunes to the next strong station: no memories and not manual tuning. Indeed, I used to attend trade shows in Europe in the late 90s and several vendors actually gave away branded novelty radios (in a variety of shapes) with a similar tuner.

Readers: Ever use one of these earpiece radios? Please comment!

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