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Mystery Solved: Readers identify curious interval signal

Yesterday, we published a post asking SWLing Readers to help Brian (W9IND) identify an elusive interval signal (click here to read that post).

We received dozens of replies–thank you so much!

Many readers immediately identified the tune as some sort of utility station placeholder for Point To Point communications. Turns out, they were correct.

Many thanks to Dean Bianco who was the first reader to solve the mystery.

Dean discovered that the interval signal was for the Voice Mirror of the PTT Habana, Cuba.

Dean verified it via Rainer Brannolte ‘s excellent website, UtilityRadio.com.

Here’s the audio clip from Rainer’s website:

Here’s a link to the PTT Habana Cuba page which also includes two other audio clips of the PTT service.

Rainer even includes a scan of his verification letter:

Click to enlarge (Source: Rainer Brannolte)

This morning, I received a number of responses from readers confirming PTT Habana–thank you so much!

Not only have we helped Brian ID the station, but now there’s also one less UNID audio sample on the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive.

In addition, I’m sure my friend Greg Shoom–who originally posted the recording–would be very pleased with this community effort.

Now I need to find some more shortwave archive mysteries to solve!

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Greg Shoom, VE3LXL (SK)

Greg Shoom (VE2)

Greg Shoom (VE3LXL)

I’ve just learned that Greg Shoom, a good friend in the SWLing Post community and a contributor to the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive, has passed away.

Greg was most recently in the process of digitizing a number of off-air tape recordings he had made in the 70s and 80s and started adding them to the archive. Indeed, he sent me a number of utility recordings with loose notes that are yet to be added.

Greg was an avid SWL, ham radio operator and a great guy–we enjoyed many conversations about shortwave radio over the years.

Rest in peace, my friend.

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