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ARRL reaches agreement with national association of homeowners associations


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Marty, who writes:

Hi Thomas,

I just came across this interesting new item about ARRL reaching agreement with Homeowners national association on antenna restrictions:




[Excerpt from ARRL new item]

[The] ARRL did not have the final language for the substitute amendment until late last week, and the amended bill has not been introduced in the House as of yet. ARRL planned no announcement about the text of the amended House bill until it was introduced. However, because the text became available from the House Office of Legislative Counsel, and as CAI released the text to its members, it was decided to release the amended text now.

“The bottom line,” Imlay said, “is that if the bill is enacted, it would allow every amateur living in a deed-restricted community — for the first time in the history of Amateur Radio in the U.S. — the ability to install an effective outdoor antenna.”

“That would benefit thousands of current and future hams living in deed-restricted communities,” Lisenco added.

Thank you for the tip, Marty! Though I have never lived in a deed-restricted community, I imagine this will be welcome news to those amateur radio operators and radio enthusiasts who do.

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