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Peter is impressed with the 2024 World Radio and TV Handbook

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Peter Luskey, who writes:

My new WRTH 2024 arrived from Germany on.the Radiodata earlybird program through their USA package fulfillment agent on Wednesday, 20 Dec. 2024, undamaged in excellent shape through USPS priority mail. This is the earliest date in the season that I have ever received my annual copy.

Editorially it seems to be a fine job, with a larger typeface in the front feature material and a slightly smaller but highly readable sans serif typeface in the balance of the book. The book actually contains more material than last year’s edition, despite being 816 pages in length, 32 pages fewer than last year.

Of particular interest is the greatly expanded SW broadcasting frequency list, which now indicates broadcasting days of the week and times of day divided by language, transmitter site and target area. All of the features from last year have been retained, including MW AM frequency lists for all major regions of the world, including North America, and the FM lists are now split by state or province for many countries, including the USA and Canada. They are again offering a digital edition updated every day, at a charge discounted for owners of a printed copy.

I am delighted by both the expanded content and the speed and quality of the shipment, and recommend that broadcasting DXers of every part of the spectrum consider either or both the print and digital editions.

Peter Luskey

Click here to order a copy of WRTH 2024 or check out the WRTH home page.

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