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Tecsun PL-398BT, PL-398MP and Tecsun PL-505 now available for purchase via sellers on eBay

The new Tecsun PL-398BT features Bluetooth technology, which allows for remote radio listening on computers and mobile phones with Bluetooth capabilities.

In August, we announced that Tecsun was coming out with several new models this year. Three of them–the Tecsun PL-505, Tecsun PL-398MP and PL-398BT–are now available for purchase on eBay. See links below.

The PL-398BT is the most innovative portable shortwave radio I’ve seen hit the market this year, as it will allow you to stream broadcasts from your radio to any Bluetooth-enabled device. I certainly hope it performs as well as previous Tecsun models. The sister to the PL-398BT is the Tecsun PL-398MP, which has an MP3 player (unfortunately, not a recorder, as we had hoped) that runs from a built-in SD card slot.

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