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Pirate Radio Recordings: Radio Strange Outpost 7 and Shrunken Head Radio

"Timmy, quick!  That's Radio Strange Outpost 7!  Get your decoder ring!"

“Timmy, that’s Radio Strange Outpost 7! Get your decoder ring!”

While attending the Winter SWL Fest this year in Plymouth Meeting, PA, I left my WinRadio Excalibur running day and night back home, recording spectrum in the pirate radio watering hole. I always find that while shortwave pirate activity is slightly lower during the SWL Fest (because many pirates are in attendance), there are always some interesting stations I miss.

This year, I was chatting with famed Pirate Radio enthusiast/author, Andrew Yoder and mentioned how I love rare pirates like Radio Strange Outpost 7. He then told me that he’d just noticed a logging of RSO7 on a pirate radio forum. I quickly logged into my home computer (via smart phone) and could see that my receiver had been capturing the right frequencies at the right time. When I returned home, I dug through the spectrum and found the broadcasts of RSO7 and Shrunken Head Radio (possibly the same pirate?) via the WBNY relay service. Woo hoo!

RSO7 is semi-cryptic, quirky and always fun (check out my off-air recording from last year). Though this broadcast contains no real music content from RSO7, Shrunken Head radio does.

Click here to download the full recording, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

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Pirate Radio Recordings: Radio Strange – Outpost No. 7

QSL from Radio Strange – Outpost No. 7 (click to enlarge)

Saturday night, after listening to some Voice of Greece Jazz, I happened upon Radio Strange – Outpost No. 7. This pirate deserves some recognition for the station’s homage to retro 8-bit & spacey sounds. I couldn’t tell if I was listening to an NES game soundtrack or an episode of Lost In Space. There’s even a Beatles song thrown in the mix…with a twist. Good fun.

Here’s the recording I made of the full 16 minute broadcast on 6925 kHz at approx. 00:15 UTC on Saturday, April 21:

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