Pirate Radio Recordings: Radio Strange – Outpost No. 7

QSL from Radio Strange – Outpost No. 7 (click to enlarge)

Saturday night, after listening to some Voice of Greece Jazz, I happened upon Radio Strange – Outpost No. 7. This pirate deserves some recognition for the station’s homage to retro 8-bit & spacey sounds. I couldn’t tell if I was listening to an NES game soundtrack or an episode of Lost In Space. There’s even a Beatles song thrown in the mix…with a twist. Good fun.

Here’s the recording I made of the full 16 minute broadcast on 6925 kHz at approx. 00:15 UTC on Saturday, April 21:

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8 thoughts on “Pirate Radio Recordings: Radio Strange – Outpost No. 7

  1. Tim

    Sorry, no SDR recordings here. I was just referencing a screen shot capture of the waterfall someone else had made. Maybe things will be different after that Bonito RadioJet hits the states though…

    I did just get a QSL from their 1215 UTC broadcast of Sunday April 22nd though! I’ve got the ‘card’ posted over at http://bowqsl.posterous.com if anyone is interested.

  2. Thomas Post author

    Thanks, Terry. I should have known this as I live near the Moog town of Asheville, NC. In March, I got the opportunity to tinker with a Mini Moog for a few days. It produces the most amazing analog sounds.

  3. Tim

    I heard them here in Central Iowa as well. Definitely a very unique and enjoyable station. I’ve seen screen shots of their sign-off on the waterfall, where the signal sort of bows out, kind of like a stone being dropped in a pond. Strange indeed!


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