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Shortwave Radio Recordings: The Disco Palace (in DRM)

DiscoBallPerhaps one of the things I love the most about SWLing is the sheer variety of broadcasters out there. We can sample diverse offerings across a broad spectrum–from the BBC World Service to Radio Romania International, from pirate stations to numbers stations.

There’s even The Disco Palace: a station that plays only disco music, and each show is mixed thematically. This station broadcasts online and over shortwave radio via DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale).

Last week–specifically, on March 15, 2013–I caught about thirty minutes of The Disco Palace broadcast and was able to record it from my Bonito RadioJet IF Receiver. Reception on 17,875 MHz was excellent, although the DRM signal wasn’t quite strong enough for comfortable stereo decoding.

The following TDP recording starts around 2030 UTC (about halfway through the broadcast). Click here to download the recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

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Disco Music Via Shortwave and in DRM

The Disco Palace a radio station dedicated to disco music, has announced that they are now broadcasting disco music in stereo via shortwave radio and using DRM (Digital Radio Mondial) technologies. They are targeting North America and Europe with the following broadcasts:

Broadcast Frequencies
Europe from 1400-1500 UTC 6015 kHz
North America from 2000-2100 UTC 17755 kHz

The Disco Palace is based in Miami, Florida and owned by Alyx & Yeyi, LLC, is the first and only disco music radio station broadcasting in DRM on shortwave. Belgium-based TDP is the shortwave and DRM broadcast technical service provider of The Disco Palace.

For more information visit:

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