Shortwave Radio Recordings: The Shortwave Shindig

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Matthew Williams, who recorded The Shortwave Shindig on 7,570 kHz at 2:00 UTC on March 15, 2014. Matthew was using his Kenwood TS-590S and an 80 meter doublet antenna at his home in New York state.

Here’s his recording, hot off the press:

If others were able to record The Shortwave Shindig, please comment with a link to your recording, your location and your receiver. I will post them on them on Shortwave Radio Audio Archive.

Many thanks for making this recording, Matthew!

Check out David Goren’s website¬†¬†and his Facebook page for more shortwave radio productions.

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One Response to Shortwave Radio Recordings: The Shortwave Shindig

  1. I listened to this show tonight and really enjoyed it. Next year, I really need to be there in person at the Winter SWL Fest. Better save some vacation time and money! Reception was very strong and solid with a SINPO of 54555….there seemed to be some slight interference from another station perhaps. The sync detection on my PL-660 helped eliminated the interference though.

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