Off air recording of the Shortwave Shindig?


Are there any SWLing Post readers out there who could make an off air recording of the Shortwave Shindig broadcast tonight (22:00 EST, 02:00 UTC)? If so, please comment!  I would like to share your recordings on the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive.

Please note the type of radio used and what part of the world you live in. The more recordings, the merrier! Thank you!

The Shortwave Shindig goes live on shortwave Friday 3/14/14 from the 27th Annual Winter SWL Festival in Plymouth Meeting, PA. The Shindig signs on for one hour at 10 ET/0200 UTC on 7,570 khz via WRMI’s new Okeechobee facility. Please join us for a celebration of the art and culture of long distance listening.

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5 thoughts on “Off air recording of the Shortwave Shindig?

  1. princehifi

    I recorded it as well, although reception was not as strong as I’d hoped here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Two nights earlier, the PCJ 5th Anniversary broadcast on 7730 khz, also from WRMI, was much stronger. Different antenna direction or different propagation conditions?

    I thought Dave Goren did a great job with his one hour broadcast / mix; truly meta — shortwave about shortwave. Hope to hear Dave on the airwaves again sometime. Thanks to all involved in making this happen.

  2. Thomas

    I want to thank you as well as I am bad at UTC conversions and kicked myself when I read 10 ET and assumed it meant 10 PM due to not even trying to convert the UTC time as just before this I had all sorts of trouble figuring out the right time for the PCJ Media 5th anniversary show and had a bad time figuring out the right time for that as well and tuned in a day early 🙂

    You are really a lifesaver for someone like me that likes listening to shortwave but has not been doing it long enough to get UTC time conversions down to a science as I have missed a few shows in the past due to being slow to learn it.

    That is why I thank you and Thomas for taking time to record this stuff and put it online and thanks goes out to all the others that do it as well I have not mentioned as it is appreciated by folks.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Brilliant, Matthew! Thanks so much. Great recording!

      Great job with the TS-590! Next year, you’ll have to come visit us at the Winterfest in Plymouth Meeting, PA.


  3. Matthew Williams

    I mentioned this on Twitter (@W2MDW) but I’m going to try to get a recording from my TS-590S (80m doublet antenna) as well as try to give a listen on my Grundig G3 (200′ wire antenna). Hopefully a clear copy in NY this evening! I’ll happily contribute any audio I can produce.

    Matt, W2MDW


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