Listen to the Shortwave Shindig live: Friday on WRMI 7,570 kHz


If you can’t make it to the Winter SWL Fest this year, you can still listen to one hour of David Goren’s Shortwave Shindig via a live broadcast through WRMI. Here are the details:

The Shortwave Shindig goes live on shortwave Friday 3/14/14 from the 27th Annual Winter SWL Festival in Plymouth Meeting, PA. The Shindig signs on for one hour at 10 ET/0200 UTC on 7,570 khz via WRMI’s new Okeechobee facility. Please join us for a celebration of the art and culture of long distance listening.

Be sure to check out David Goren’s website:

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4 thoughts on “Listen to the Shortwave Shindig live: Friday on WRMI 7,570 kHz

  1. princehifi

    Yes, will tune in… it would be interesting if one or more of the discussion panels were put on WRMI as well… for those of us who live far from the Fest. I could see any of the private shortwave broadcasters benefiting from involvement in the NASWA SWL Fest.


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