Ken’s favorite QSL card

W7LR-KenCarrRegarding memorable QSL cards, SWLing Post reader, Ken Carr comments:

“I received my favorite QSL card many years ago as a result of a random contact. I was just starting out in ham radio when I logged a QSO [contact] with a ham from Montana. I was thrilled because I knew how sparsely populated the state was. I once lived there for 8 weeks while studying at the biological station on Flathead Lake.

The very friendly and helpful ham from Montana was Bob Leo, W7LR. I promptly sent him a card and soon thereafter received one from Bob. Years later I was reading an article in QST. It was about a massive Dxpedition of 1947 sponsored in part by Hallicrafters. Hams from all over the country competed for the two coveted positions on what was called the Gatti Expedition. One of the hams chosen was Bob Leo!”

A photo of the card superimposed on the QST article along with more details are found on my Flickr site:

Thanks so much for sharing this memory, Ken!

Readers: you can follow Ken on his blog, KE1RI – A New England Ham.

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2 Responses to Ken’s favorite QSL card

  1. Ken Carr says:

    Sorry about that “1930’s” date. 1947 looks better. That’s what happens when I depend on my memory!

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