Kuwait Radio updates shortwave transmitters

(Source: Radio World via Andrea Borgnino)

Swiss-based company Ampegon has accepted a contract from Al Rashed to handle the upgrade of five analog shortwave transmitters that are more than 20 years old for the Kuwait Ministry of Information in Al Kabd station.

[…]Ampegon will refurbish all of the transmitters, and in addition upgrade three of them to full digital DRM integration and converted to the new transmitter control system UCS[…]

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3 thoughts on “Kuwait Radio updates shortwave transmitters

  1. John

    I know very few people that enjoyed listening to Radio Kuwait as much as I did, no matter what though, this is some of the best shortwave news I’ve ever heard. Back in 2014 I would turn on my radio every single afternoon and listen to the full 3 hour English Service on 15540 kHz, I enjoyed the news broadcasts, the cultural programs from the GCC and the musical variety of course!

    I couldn’t be happier, it’s so rare for a shortwave station to come back to the airwaves – especially with it being the one I missed the most. It’s excellent news and I look so forward to listening to them again soon.

  2. Ed McCorry

    Since I have the luxury of being retired and able to play radio in the afternoon this is great news. I hope they come back with the same kind of programming and time slot they had in the past. I started listening to them in the afternoon because there was nothing else on the airwaves besides you know who. I soon became a regular when they had a soap opera type of radio play every day. It was just a great well rounded station reminiscent of days gone by. Kudo’s to them for not following the same negative course as all the stations lost lately.

  3. John orhena

    Radio kuwait , l’ m looking towards listening to you again soon. Your English programs had been wonderful to me. My shortwave radio is still waiting for you.


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