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The Grundig G3 or Sony ICF-SW7600GR (in background) are among the hundreds of shortwave radios found in our Shortwave Radio Index

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23 Responses to Shortwave Radio Reviews

  1. kenneth hunt says:

    sir, i need someones help. i would like to purchase a receiver—a good one—
    that will receive DRM. i do not want one that needs to work with a PC. I want one
    with knobs. my present receiver is an icom-R75.
    in advance i thank you for your time.
    P.S. there is nothing available in the United States—what ever i find ( with your help )
    will need to be shipped to me.

    • Thomas says:

      I wish I had an easy answer for you. The only effective DRM receivers at present are ones tied to PC’s–either IF receivers (like the RadioJet) or an SDR (like the Papp radio, Perseus, Excalibur, RFSpace products, etc.).

      I know of no all-in-one radios with build-in DRM decoding that really work. The portbale UniWave (no longer in production) and Newstar DR111 are only good at receiving very strong signals. Both radios review fairly poorly. I do have some hope that the Chengdu Newstar DR111 may get some upgrades that improve its performance. Keep checking back. Also check out the DRM website:

      So, sorry to say that what you’re looking for does not exist at present. Thanks for the question!

      • P.Israel says:

        Yes. As you said no built in receiver at present. But DRM.ORG is making strenuous effort world over for its expansion. None of the big players have come forward to produce receivers at affordable prize. Here in India DRM transmission hours are increased without receivers available to test.

  2. Homero de Souza Junior says:

    Estoy escuchando ahora mismo VOZ DE GRECIA en 15.650 khz, programa musical. parana recepción en Curitiba Brasil

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  5. Mike Almer says:

    I lost my Grundig YB 400 (or was it a YB350?) in a recent burglary and I’d like to replace it. I’ve been searching for reviews of SW radios in the $75 to $125 range. Can you make a recommendation or two? Size is a small consideration for me as I travel with my SW, mostly camping in remote parts of Baja California. The dimensions of my YB400 were pretty much ideal for me. Thanks.

  6. Israel says:

    I am in India. Many major sw broadcasters faded away I still likes sw services who ever are still on the air. I would like to buy a receiver in range of $100 to 150. Can anyone suggest a set which should be DRM ready.

    • Manfred says:

      Für DRM – Empfang empfehle ich den:
      ” Grundig Musik 51 DAB+ SP ”
      Er kann sowohl Analog als Digitalradio auf UKW .
      Es gibt Ihn in der Farben weiß und schwarz.
      Der Website-Link führt zum weißen Gerät.

      Grundig Music 51 DAB+ SP

      Radio – 20 – Wellenbereiche: DAB+, UKW – Uhr – Weckfunktion – Sleeptimer – Anschlüsse: 3,5 mm-Klinkenanschluss – Stromversorgung: Batterie, Netzteil – MaÃ?e: B26,50 cm x H14,30 cm x T8,30 cm – Gewicht: 830 gRadio – 20 – Wellenbereiche: DAB+, UKW – Uhr – Weckfunktion – Sleeptimer – Anschlüsse: 3,5 mm-Klinkenanschluss – Stromversorgung: Batterie, Netzteil – Maße: B26,50 cm x H14,30 cm x T8,30 cm – Gewicht: 830 g ++++++ Radio – 20 – Wellenbereiche: DAB+, UKW – Uhr – Weckfunktion – Sleeptimer – Anschlüsse: 3,5 mm-Klinkenanschluss – Stromversorgung: Batterie, Netzteil – Maße: B26,50 cm x H14,30 cm x T8,30 cm – Gewicht: 830 g ++++++ Radio – 20 – Wellenbereiche: DAB+, UKW – Uhr – Weckfunktion – Sleeptimer – Anschlüsse: 3,5 mm-Klinkenanschluss – Stromversorgung: Batterie, Netzteil – Maße: B26,50 cm x H14,30 cm x T8,30 cm – Gewicht: 830 g
      Schon ab 53,19 € bei 9 Shops

      Viel Spaß damit.
      Euer Manfred

  7. Vimal Oberoi says:

    In Tecsun radio 2010D,as the analog dial has different dial spreads for FM 1,2&3,so that analog and digital readouts match.
    My querry is,then they ought to have similar different dial spreads for AM 9/10 kHz steps(one for 522-1620 & other for 520-1710).Otherwise it will show wrong dial readings when step is 9 kHz on 520-1710 scale,won’t it?

    • Thomas says:

      Hi, Vimal,

      You’re correct that the frequency dial isn’t specific to the different steps, however (and fortunately) the digital display will show the proper steps and frequencies in MW.

      Apologies as I almost overlooked your comment!


  8. sudhir pandey says:

    i am looking for DRM receiver in Mumbai is there anybody can tell me where it can be available to buy. thanks

  9. Manfred says:

    Hier noch einmal der Link zum Geraet: Farbe weiß
    ” Grundig Musik 51 DAB+ SP ”

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  11. Manfred says:

    The best ever portable smal sw radio ( all Waves Radio )is the Tecsun PL 880.
    I have one and it is great.

    Take it and you will have fun at all.

    55 & 73
    Manfred ,My Amateurfunk – Call: DD9BR

  12. D says:

    I am in USA, and would like to listen to radio stations from INDIA. I would greatly appreciate your suggestions. Thank you.

  13. Prakash says:

    I would agree with Thomas. I am able to listen All India Radio(Hindi) using Tecsun pl-660 and Kaito 321(you need patience to tune in Kaito though). I was getting decent signal for these 2 here in central Connecticut.

  14. Gordon says:

    I have a Sony ICF 2010. Great radio when it was working. Is there anywhere that fixes these? I have looked all over and have had no luck. Hate to just throw it away. I paid over $300.00 for it new.

  15. James Patterson says:

    Has anyone had any experiance with the Sangean ATS 909? I see the new ATS 909X is out now,but reveiws are not so good campareing it with the receiption of the Tecsun PL660 etc.But with the Sangean one difference is that it has the “Radio Data System”.Is this on all frequencies,or just on the FM band?If anyone can give a reveiw of the ATS 900 that also has this system,please do so.I need to know if the older ATS 900 is still current and stocked,also how good is the SSB receiption,and how is the filtering against strong broadcast stations clipping in on arround 3 mgs to 7 mgs.I once had the 505 model and strong AM broadcast stations clipped in arround those frequencies.Anyway happy to find out all about the ATS 900.Not the ATS 909X. Maybe someone could put it on You Tube aswell.Thanks.

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