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1945: Radio Canada International’s first broadcast

Many thanks to Mark for sharing this bit of radio history from the CBC Digital Archives: “In February 1945, the “Voice of Canada” spoke to the world for the first time. The CBC International Service was founded to broadcast to … Continue reading

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Amanda Dawn Christie shares footage of RCI towers falling

Documentary filmmaker, Amanda Dawn Christie, has been gathering footage to create Spectres of Shortwave: a 90 minute documentary film focusing on the Radio Canada International Sackville transmitting site. Little did Christie know when she started shooting the film several years … Continue reading

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Sackville Tribune-Post reports on dismantling of RCI site

Many thanks to Ken Reitz for sharing this: (Source: Sackville Tribune-Post) A piece of local history is slowly disappearing as crews dismantle the former Radio Canada International transmission towers on the marsh near Sackville, N.B. The towers, erected prior to … Continue reading

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Listener Post: Karen Shenfeld

Karen Shenfeld’s radio story is the latest in our series called Listener Posts, where I will place all of your personal radio histories and memories. If you would like to add your story to the mix, simply send your story by email! In … Continue reading

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Thoughts after the Canadian RCI/CBC Senate hearing

Last night, I listened to a live stream of the Canadian senate hearings regarding last year’s Radio Canada International cuts to shortwave radio. CBC president Hubert LaCroix and RCI director Michelle Parent met remarkably little criticism or resistance in the … Continue reading

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Spectres of Shortwave: RCI Sackville documentary seeks support

Last year, we mentioned that a documentary film featuring the RCI Sackville transmitter site was in the works. Fortunately, artist/film maker Amanda Dawn Christie, is on track for production of Spectres of Shortwave. Though the film has already received $70,000 in … Continue reading

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Radio Canada International’s first broadcast 68 years ago

(Source: RCI Action) Canada’s international radio service started officially on February 25, 1945 with an address by Canada’s Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, followed by Justice Minister Louis St-Laurent (in French) and then by Howard B. Chase, chairman of … Continue reading

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