Want a gorgeous 1940 RCA 50 kW shortwave transmitter from the RCI Sackville station?

Many thanks to Amanda Dawn Christie who contacted me this morning regarding a message she received from Marc Goldstein, who is seeking a home for a beautiful piece of international broadcasting history. Marc writes:

We have been dismantling equipment at Radio Canada in Sackville, New Brunswick since July of last year. Most of the contents have been removed.

The original 1940 RCA 50 KW transmitter is still intact. First Nation’s–the current owner of the site–is looking for a home for this piece of history. […] I am hoping you may know someone, or an organization who may help preserve the radio. First Nations has requested $5,000 Canadian for the radio, and will remove and ready it for shipping at their expense.

Thanks for passing this information along, Amanda!

I actually snapped photos of this very transmitter when I visited the Sackville site in 2012–a few months before the site shut down. It’s an elegant piece:

I have no idea if this RCA transmitter is serviceable, but I did contact WBCQ with details just in case (if you recall, they’re in need of a 50 kW transmitter).

If you’re interested in purchasing this transmitter, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with Marc Goldstein.

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16 thoughts on “Want a gorgeous 1940 RCA 50 kW shortwave transmitter from the RCI Sackville station?

  1. Merek Geiger

    I remember that transmitter. I have pictures somewhere in my old film photos. Over 20 years ago I stood inside the unit at RCI, where they had put it in an area for display. Of course, they then had huge multi-hundred kw transmitters actually on the air, which I also saw. I was taken on a private tour of the facility by the person on duty that day. Unfortunate that it was shut out by the Internet and expenses in running such a large facility.

  2. Bill

    I wish I had the front door. Oh well. Where did it go ?
    I would love to put it back on the unit 🙁 it will be well displayed without it !

  3. Jim Strohm

    What’s its frequency bandspread?

    And don’t anybody say “toasters, bedsprings, sink drains, and Lucille Ball’s fillings…”

    And I wonder what shipping from Canada to Central Texas would cost.

  4. Keith Perron

    Not worth it. Assuming it’s still working. A 50kW from that period won’t be efficient. The other issue is parts and service, which at the end of the day would cost more than a more recent transmitter.

  5. joe smith

    Wow that unit is in pristine condition! Incredible like it was just installed recently.
    I hope it gets a home where it will be put into service and not just sitting on a museum floor.
    I agree Alan at WBCQ might be the go to on this one. I’d love to hear it in operation again.

  6. Bob LaRose

    What a gem! Hats off to several generations of RCI staff for their pride of ownership and excellent maintenance!

    1. Thomas Post author

      I just connected Allan with the Marc. It would be a great match and fantastic use of the transmitter if they could put it back on the air.



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