C.Crane: CC Witness on sale, while supplies last

The C.Crane CC Witness

Though not a shortwave radio, the CC Witness is a very capable AM/FM radio with a built-in digital recorder.  In fact, I know of no other portable with on-board digital recording that receives such stellar reviews. As a result, many medium-wave DXers use the CC Witness while traveling, to capture the sounds of the local radio scene on the go.

For ages, the CC Witness was priced well over $200 US.  Right now, C.Crane is selling their stock of CC Witness radios for $99.95 US.

Clearly, this is an excellent bargain for anyone seeking a very small portable AM/FM radio with on-board digital recording. Note that the CC Witness will also do line-in recordings from other audio sources.

Follow this link for details.

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3 thoughts on “C.Crane: CC Witness on sale, while supplies last

  1. Vatin

    Hi, I’ve been in search for years for an AM/FM unit with schedule record capability and surprise to learn that only CCrane Witness has this capability. I recently decided to purchase the CCrane Witness Plus which is arriving tomorrow.

  2. Andreas

    I followed the link, but it says “discontinued…” It seems to be sold out already?
    Are there really no alternatives. I’ve been looking for something like this for years, but the CCWitness has been a bit too expensive.


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