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Dave recommends the CCrane “Witness Plus” AC Adapter


Many thanks to Dave Zantow who shares the following:

CCrane “Witness Plus” AC Adapter Review Now Posted :
The CCrane 5 volt USB-mini REGULATED AC power adapter (for the Witness +) is perfect for use with OTHER USB radios and has a 900ma MAX current rating.

Works with either Tecsun or Degen with the mini-USB plug (and the GRE PSR-800 too). Pin 4 is + and is truly 100% analog and extremely clean . It does NOT use switching electronics AND OR a switching regulator.

My mini-review is now posted and can be found on the “dead bottom” of the Sangean ATS-909X / Tecsun PL-660 / Tecsun PL-880 review page.

Thanks, Dave! Finding a proper regulated power supply is not easy these days.  I’m very happy to hear this C.Crane model gets your approval!

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Annual C.Crane sale on “orphan” radios

CCRaneOrphansI just received an email announcing a sale on C. Crane “orphan” products; customer returned products that C. Crane inspects and gives a full 60 day money-back guarantee and full 1 year warranty. This sale has almost become an annual one and offers great bargains.

I have purchased C.Crane orphan products in the past and have never been disappointed.

The Orphan Sale lasts until February 19th and includes both of their excellent shortwave radios (the CC-Radio SW for $119.95 and the CC-Radio SWP for $34.95). That’s a very low price for both—especially the CC-Radio SWP (check out our review here).

I’m very tempted to buy their CC Witness Plus ($119.95) simply so I can record medium wave with an all-in-one device. (It would be a dream machine if it could record shortwave as well.)

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C.Crane: CC Witness on sale, while supplies last

The C.Crane CC Witness

Though not a shortwave radio, the CC Witness is a very capable AM/FM radio with a built-in digital recorder.  In fact, I know of no other portable with on-board digital recording that receives such stellar reviews. As a result, many medium-wave DXers use the CC Witness while traveling, to capture the sounds of the local radio scene on the go.

For ages, the CC Witness was priced well over $200 US.  Right now, C.Crane is selling their stock of CC Witness radios for $99.95 US.

Clearly, this is an excellent bargain for anyone seeking a very small portable AM/FM radio with on-board digital recording. Note that the CC Witness will also do line-in recordings from other audio sources.

Follow this link for details.

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