Shortwave Radio Recordings: All India Radio on the Bonito RadioJet

The Bonito 1102S RadioJet IF receiver

The Bonito 1102S RadioJet IF receiver

After posting my latest All India Radio recording, SWLing Post reader, Pete, suggested that I check out their broadcasts starting around 21:00 UTC on 11,670 and 9,445 kHz, as they are quite strong into North America. He was right.

On Thursday afternoon, I tuned the Bonito RadioJet to 9,445 kHz, where I was greeted with a strong signal from AIR’s Bengaluru, India, transmitter site (over 8,500 miles from my home). I compared the signal on the RadioJet with that of my trusty WinRadio Excalibur to find that the RadioJet’s audio was somewhat fuller and richer. In situations where AM sync detection is not needed, I may start using the RadioJet for recordings. I’ve been using it strategically over the past few months for DRM reception and digging weak stations out of the static–something I typically don’t record, but probably should, as the RadioJet deserves even more air and recording time!

AllIndiaRadioLogo1I recorded this AIR broadcast on Thursday January 10th–around 21:30 UTC–on 9.445 MHz. This particular broadcast features news, commentary and the wonderful music I’ve come to expect from All India Radio. You can download the MP3 by clicking here, or simply listen in the embedded player below. Enjoy!

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