Shortwave Radio Recordings: Saturday Night Country

Emma Swift is filling is hosting Saturday Night Country while Felicity Urquhart is on maternity leave. (Photo: Radio Australia)

Emma Swift is hosting Saturday Night Country while Felicity Urquhart is on maternity leave. (Photo: Radio Australia)

As on many Saturday mornings, this past weekend I sipped my morning coffee while listening to ABC’s Saturday Night Country from Radio Australia’s Shepparton shortwave transmission site on 9.58 MHz…some 9,800 miles from my home.

In this program, Emma Swift continues to fill in for Felicity Urquhart (who is on maternity leave). Swift, who is an amazing host and songwriter in her own right, focuses in this show on country drinking songs (amongst others) and on a few nostalgic country songs in the final set. Fortunately, I captured the whole show in two recordings.

Click here to download the first recording and here to download the second as MP3s. Alternatively, you can simply listen via the embedded player below:

The download page for these recordings can be found here.

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5 thoughts on “Shortwave Radio Recordings: Saturday Night Country

  1. Mark

    I stumbled across this a couple of weeks ago while trying out my new TECSUN PL-660. Propagation wasn’t optimal but Emma’s eclectic and delightful selection of tunes was just the right way to kick of my Saturday morning. (I’m also partial to Linda Linda Ronstadt) Sent her a thank you on facebook and she responded – happy to have an American listener check in.

  2. Benjamin Bilyeu

    Your site is fantastic–I check it every day. How do you record your shortwave audio? Based on your recommendation I have just purchased a Grundig G3, and when it arrives I would like to record some stations. Thanks!

    1. Thomas Post author

      Thank you, Benjamin! The G3 is a great portable–you’ll love it. I would recommend you check out a portable digital audio recorder like the Zoom H1 or Zoom H2N. Any recorder will do, but it’s best to use one with a dedicated line-in. Sometimes you can even record on your laptop via the Mic jack (though this approach can inject a little noise from the laptop).

      For the SWLing Post, unless I’m travelling, I now typically record on the WinRadio Excalibur or Bonito RadioJet.



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