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VOARadioGram(Source: VOA Radiogram)

Some listeners were impressed with the performance of last weekend’s surprise mode: MT63-1000 long interleave, especially as it was mixed with music. For that reason, VOA Radiogram for the weekend of 20-21 July will include a VOA News story in the MT63-2000L mode (200 wpm), followed by the same story in the MFSK64 mode (240 wpm).

Here is the lineup for VOA Radiogram, 20-21 July 2013:

2:20  MFSK16: Program preview

4:31  MFSK16: VOA News about quartz glass for data storage

2:04  MFSK32: Image of data stored in silica glass

3:59  MFSK32: VOA News about end of India’s telegram service

2:42  MFSK32: Image of sign at telegram office

2:53  MT63-2000L: VOA News about new materials for solar cells

2:32  MFSK64: Same VOA News about new materials for solar cells

1:10  MFSK32: Image of molecularspace.org logo

1:08  MFSK16: Closing announcements

1:11  Surprise image

The audio processor will not be used this weekend.

Please send reception reports to  [email protected].

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