Pirate Radio Recordings: Radio Borderhunter

"Woah! Timmy, is that Europe calling???"

“Whoa! Timmy, is that Europe calling?”

You’ll typically find North American radio pirates here on the SWLing Post, but on occasion, I do manage to pull in a station or two from Europe.  Last night was one of those rare occasions, and I have Ragnar at Pirates Week to thank for the tip.

I tuned in Europirate Radio Borderhunter on 15,500 kHz AM, starting around 21:50 UTC. For an AM signal out of Europe, I was most impressed with Radio Borderhunter‘s strong signal.

I recorded about forty minutes of the pirate’s broadcast before propagation shifted.  He then moved down to 6,210 kHz in the 48 meter band, a prime Europirate hangout, to continue his show.

Click here to download the recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

By the way, check out Ragnar’s latest podcast on Pirates Week!

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