Shortwave Radio Recordings: Voice of Greece

greeceLately, the Voice of Greece has been playing very long sets of music; and not all of it Greek. I assume the break in format has to do with the reorganization of Greek national broadcasting.

I believe VoG could be cut without notice. With heavy budget cuts being dealt to national broadcasting, I doubt investment in shortwave radio will continue since they no longer even have an English language service. This is one of the reasons I’ve devoted a lot of recording time to VoG as of late. Admittedly, I certainly hope I’m wrong about my prediction.

On September 1st, I recorded over five hours of VoG, starting around 22:00 UTC. After about an hour of Greek commentary, you’ll hear music ranging from contemporary to classical.

Click here to download the full recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below.

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One thought on “Shortwave Radio Recordings: Voice of Greece

  1. Karen

    Hi Thomas,

    I have been doing some research about short wave radio and I wanted to tell you that I have loved reading many of your blogs/posts, here and elsewhere. I was especially moved by an article that you wrote for about the shutting down of Radio Canada International. And I wanted to share this with you: About 28 years ago or so, my husband I hitchhiked across the Sahara desert through Algeria. We stayed in many remote oasis villages, including Reggane. At Reggane, the paved road ends, and from there you must follow tracks in the sand for hundreds of miles in order to reach Timbuktu in Mali (or turn east toward In Salah to follow tracks in the sand south to Niger, which we did). In Reggane we stayed for several days with an Algerian family. The husband was from further north in Algeria; his wife was a Tuareg. In this man’s home I remember staying up late at night with him, drinking mint tea under the stars in the courtyard of his adobe home, and listening to Radio Canada International. Our host was a very intelligent man, who really appreciated staying current with the world’s events, and not relying upon censored Algerian papers — when they were even available in such a remote place. You are right. The end of Radio Canada International is a tragedy. It happened because we have cost-cutting “Republican Style” Prime Minister. If he gets booted out in the next election, I will lobby to have the station restored.


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