WBCQ’s “new” monitor: a Navy model REH

(Source: WBCQ Facebook Page)

(Source: WBCQ Facebook Page)

Check out this Navy receiver model REH, that the good folks at WBCQ The Planet have electrically restored. The REH was an “amenities” receiver used by the United States Navy in World War II for troop entertainment. WBCQ, however, has given this one a second life as a station monitor.

No wonder that glowing green magic eye is so bright–it’s tuned to a broadcast that’s being transmitted from WBCQ’s back yard in Monticello, Maine! WBCQ says it “sounds great.” No doubt!

Thanks to WBCQ for sharing this on their Facebook page!

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6 thoughts on “WBCQ’s “new” monitor: a Navy model REH

    1. Thomas Post author

      Absolutely, Rick. Most of these tube radios have value. Problem for most is shipping. They weight so much it can be pricey. Also, sometimes (depending on the radio) the parcel handling can jar loose components inside. You don’t live in North Carolina, do you? 🙂


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