12 thoughts on “Anon-Co selling Tecsun PL-880 deluxe set

  1. Robert H.

    It’s over priced at $220, in my opinion.
    For $41 less you can simply get the PL-880 & the IRC-110 (with AM & keypad entry).
    Would be fair deal if it came with the IRC-110 vs the IRC-100.
    I can find a nice metal case to hold it all and still have some change left over.

  2. Bob C.

    Well, I ordered two PL-880 deluxe sets from Anon-co on Thursday (1/9) and, to my disbelief, the big box arrived today here in the Midwest. Incredibly efficient delivery! I hope to have time to unbox and set up at least one of them tonight or tomorrow. Can’t wait.

  3. Edwin Thoma

    Wish I could get my hands on a mint Grundig Satellit 700 (not 600 or 750 or 800 at areasonable price. This (700) was the last European produced (Portugal) Grundig and since then, Tecsun, etc., are the sole purveyor of Grundig radios. Otherwise, they now are the same as the Tecsun models. Radio’s produced with the Grundig name are only done so because they command a higher retail price from consumers than if they have Tecsun, etc. named on the case.
    Edwin Thoma; USN, Ret.

    1. Don Manke

      I have a Grundig 700 that I bought used on e-bay about 8 years ago. It works well,I am in the process of trimming my radio collection.It will be sold with the original working power supply and instruction manual.Price will be in the $350.00 plus shipping from Tacoma,Wa. Interested? Don

      1. Edwin Thoma

        Don, Thank you for the concern, but after experiencing the lack of shortwave activity (BBC, Radio Moscow, VOA, etc), I decided that I will stick with my Tecsun PL-880 & Degen 1103. Plus recently, I subscribed on Hamscreen which allows me to get on some Amateur Bands on my cell phone and/or computer, with a assigned call sign and I can talk to stations all around the world.
        So sorry, It seems that short wave listening is waning rapidly which I deeply regret, but I assume we have to adapt to the modern technology world we now live in. Again, thanks for your time/consideration.
        Edwin Thoma,

  4. owl

    Pity the seller will post to USA, Japan or Australia only.

    I am lucky to have relatives in China who bought a set for me from Tecsun directly. I received the radio (in white) and the box a few days ago. The box is of very reasonable quality (maybe not as good as Sony SW1/SW55 system boxes but is certainly adequate). As for the radio (8820 edition), the reception is as good as the black 8818 sample I had for testing purpose – I consider myself even luckier after hearing stories of faulty or below-par performance samples.

    The ICR-100 is a cute little radio with a passive bass reflex speaker. A nice feature is that the wrist string also serves as the FM antenna (OK for medium to strong stations). BTW, Tecsun has just released ICR-110 which is as BIG as PL880 and seems to have the same speaker too.

    Just found that ICR-110 is now available from a HK ebayer seller:


    1. Thomas Post author

      Thanks for your comments, Owl–indeed, you reminded me to make a post about the ICR-110. I’m very tempted to pull the trigger on it, but may hold off until some reviews of the recording function are posted. I would have never guessed that it would be the same size as the PL-880, but I can see the similarities in the chassis.

      I hope you enjoy your 8820 PL-880!


      1. Edwin Thoma

        Okay Gent’s; I’ve been very busy with other matters and have not had the opportunity to get back earlier. I’m 72 and use to di alot of SWL-ing back in the 50’s~80’s. I’ve been away from it and in 2009, I went to the Philippines and married a young lady & we now have two children which keep’s me hoping. At any rate, I have a Tecsun PL-600 which is in our house in the Filipines. I thought it was a decent “little” portable. I had a Grundig S-750 which I will admit did not receive as good as the PL-600. I sent alot of my belongings to my wife, 11 larhe cartons by ship. Someone stoled many items including 2 Apple G-5 desktop computers, and my Grundig 750. So recently I elected to obtain a Grundig 800 (it really look cool). I got it used ao ebay at a decent price, but someone had tampered with it and the sensitivity was lousy. I sent it back and bought a Tecsun PL-660; I will say it get’s kudo’s for reception but I wanted a bigger radio. I put my new Pl-660 on ebay (took a small loss) and ordered the Sangean ATS-909x. Nice radio but I was hoping a little better sensitivity. So I ordered the Tecsun PL-880 which I’ve heard a lot of favorable comments.My initial observation gave the 880 better sensitivity but after a more through investigation,I find them to be somewhat equal, some bands better on one than than the other. The audio is somewhat equal but I notice the 880 seems to sound like it is more powerful. All in all, They are a close match. I’ve read there ia a Sangean ATS-909X “Professional” and it appears this receiver costing substantially more. Has anyone there heard anything; a analyst, etc!
        Next time (if you wish to be entertained) I comment on the many early Grundig Satelitts I’ve owned and my appraisal, etc. Thanks for your reply, I remain, Sincerely, Edwin Thoma, USN, Ret. P.S: I’am tuned into 3.215 Mhz. (Sat., 11 Jan., 01:45-UTC) & it sounds like a bunch of CB’er’s. Are these illegal operators? Ham operators? They operate AM. Let me know. One more comment: it’s ashame that SWL is where iot is at now. Very few International stations, those that come in good are religious, and amateurs lacking. So much for modern tech; I’ll take what we had in the 60’s~80’s. Miss my Grundig Satellit 5000. Later…..

  5. Edwin Thoma

    Just received my Tecsun PL-880. Reception similar to PL-660 & marginally better than the Sangean ATS-909x (which I also have). The PL-880 (like the 660) are idea for travel but I prefer to use a am/fm/sw etc radio for my desk & like the size of the ATX-909x. Actually, wish a little larger but not as big as the Grundig 750 or 800. The audio is nice on both the Sangean & 880. Prices range from $175.00 up. i will have more to say as I have not had it long enough to give a full report.
    Edwin Thoma, SWL Emeritus since 1952.


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