TuneIn adds the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive

I’m pleased to announce that TuneIn Radio has added our Shortwave Radio Audio Archive (SRAA) podcast as a new Internet streaming broadcaster.

For those of you not familiar, TuneIn’s website and mobile apps offer the user the ability to listen to streaming audio of thousands of radio networks and radio stations worldwide, including AM, FM, HD, LP, digital, Internet stations and podcasts. Check out this post from 2012 where we review TuneIn.

TuneInLogoWhy stream shortwave radio recordings?

While most international broadcasters can be streamed directly via TuneIn or via the broadcaster’s website, listening to the shortwave archive will make your computer, smart phone or Wi-Fi radio sound like a proper shortwave radio–you’ll hear all of the noises, fading, ionosounders and things that go “bump” over the ether.

So if you like the low-fi sonic texture of shortwave radio (ahem, I do!) add the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive to your favorites on TuneIn Radio.

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3 thoughts on “TuneIn adds the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive

  1. Mark Fahey

    Wow this is fantastic news. TuneIn is my most widely used “radio”. i use it daily on my Macs, Windows Laptop, 3 iPads (One iPad that lives on my coffee table is even a dedicated TuneIn player that AirPlays to the home audio network) and a Logitech UE Smart Radio (Squeezebox). So I am a very heavy user of TuneIn and listening to everything from gamelan RRI Denpasar to Radio Mauritanie Nouakchott to NPR. Even all of my local radio is (ABC Radio National, ABC News Radio & SBS Pop Asia etc) on my daily commute is delivered via TuneIn. Come to think of it the only time I now use a “real radio” is when I am using my WinRadio SDR on shortwave.

    I will definitely be listening to this new way to access the Shortwave Radio Archive. Thank you!

    Sydney, Australia


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