Video: Build a radio in less than one minute

DIY-Radio(Source: Southgate ARC)

“Due to the numerous requests from his Build-a-radio-in-5-minutes, radio amateur Tommy Helgevold OZ4KID decided to make a better video with explanations on how to make a radio like this

He also decided to beat his old challenge as well…

…so without further ado, I present to you – How to build a radio in less than 1 minute, can you build it?

There’s even a schematic in the end of the video + an animated version of the entire breadboard setup.

Thanks for watching, & enjoy.

Watch Build a radio in less than 1 minute”

Click here to view on YouTube.

While less detailed, you can also view OZ4KID’s DIY Radio in less than 5 minutes by clicking here or viewing via the embedded video below:

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One thought on “Video: Build a radio in less than one minute

  1. Martin Basd

    I’ve tried building this radio five times,and never had any success .i noticed on one of his step by step building of the radio (not video) just at a site on line that he used a different couple of parts then described in anamation video. In any event was never able to get it to work. I really tried several times.
    Martin Basd


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