Horizon FM Tenerife now on shortwave

524px-Tenerife_locatorThanks to Mike Barraclough for this info:

“Horizon FM Tenerife has started broadcasting on shortwave on 5,780 [kHz], 75 watts at the moment, short English announcement on their website.”

More information can be found here along with an announcement that Horizon plans to increase output power to 1kW within the next three weeks.

Mike originally posted this info on the Cumbre DX FB page.

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5 thoughts on “Horizon FM Tenerife now on shortwave

  1. David

    Ah yes – found this the other day. At first I thought it was a pirate relay, but then found the info on the station web site. 75 Watts! Wow – I’m receiving it here 9 plus at times (unless it’s on 1KW already).

    Regards, David.

  2. Osmar Lima

    It´s an evidence that shortwave is not dead as many people may think. CRI is occupying the frequencies space left empty for the main broadcasters. In spite I live in big city and in apartament I just get out it and with my Chinese Tecsun PL 660 and enjoy lots of transmissions as a local reception quality. It´s very impressive how the CRI is very strong and clear. Also I can listen to
    an American Catholic Global Network on the 15610 in the evening.


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