A second life for the VOA Delano site?


VOA Delano campus

Much like VOA Site A, the VOA Delano, California site has been turned over to the Government Services Administration (GSA). After consideration for federal use, the GSA reached out to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), who expressed an interest in the site. If approved, HUD could use the site to house the homeless or, possibly, create an affordable housing campus. We won’t know the future of the site until later this year.

Many thanks to several of you who sent a link to this recent article in The Bakersfield Californian which not only talks about the history of the Delano site, but also its future.

Though I know it’s not in the realm of possibility, I would love to see the site donated to a non-profit broadcaster or university who could carry out HF broadcasts and/or research.

On a side note, several months ago, I came across a declassified 2005 Report of Inspection for the Delano Transmitting Station. It makes for a fascinating look into Delano when it was once fully operational.

Click here to download the Report of Inspection as a PDF.

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2 thoughts on “A second life for the VOA Delano site?

  1. KD6VXI

    Unfortunately, it looks like this is going to become an airport.

    Many memories of driving by and standing in awe at the antenna systems. I always wanted to find a way to hook up the Yeasu to the antennas here and give a CQ to Asia. Alas, that will never happen. Last time I was there I was harassed by the Sherriff.

    I guess that’s better than becoming a homeless shelter? Even though there is an airport a half hour away in Bakersfield. Something tells me this will become a crop dusters airport.

    Oh well, nothing stays forever. 73, VOA Delano!

  2. Larry

    Knowing what “homeless” shelters turn out to be it would be a horrible disaster to offer this facility for something like that. Look at the added cost. Kitchen facilities, Beds, extra bathrooms, storage, people to clean up and repair/maintain the bathrooms. People who don’t care about things won’t care about this place either. It’s to much of a historic site and should be maintained as such. I’d think that there are groups of people who are interested in it’s facilites as they are would step up. Ham clubs from around the area, not just Bakersfield or Kern County. Maybe the DXPO from Visalia would relocate there to name a couple. so they can’t use the transmitters, so what. How about the antenna systems. Anyone studying electronics, especially in RF should be interested in going there. Lots of possibilities other than a last choice for a homeless shelter which is just another place “out of town” that the local cities can send those people. They still have to be fed, clothed and medically taken care of. The VOA facility is not the place for that. Preserve it, don’t destroy it! What will be the means of broadcasting if a Solar event took out the satellites? Yeah we got underseas cables of different varities but SW broadcasting could come back in it’s own right. Save Delano from the Gov.


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