This Panasonic RF-2200 will help you weather a storm

(Photo: vency1 on flickr)

While looking through a number of photos Flickr user vency1 posted, I noticed an interesting story behind his trusty Panasonic RF-2200. He describes his radio thus:

“A very good performing receiver. I’ve had great listening adventures with this on AM and shortwave. This once served as an RDF (radio direction finder) on a speedboat to find our way home in heavy rainstorm in the middle of the sea with zero visibility. A station located in the hometown was tuned in and we steered the boat in the direction of the strongest signal. The RF gain was set so that the slightest signal fluctuation would show on the meter. At home, the sound on FM is very good when connected to a high-fidelity speaker system.”

What better user review of a radio could one give?  I mean, it guided him home during a storm at sea? Brilliant! Too bad they no longer make the RF-2200. Fortunately they do show up on eBay regularly–click here to search.

A question for my buddy, Jeff, over at the Herculodge: Does a radio get more manly than this?

Readers, check out more of Vency1’s radio photos on Flickr.

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