The CountyComm GP-5/SSB: a $79 shortwave portable with SSB

CountyComm GP5/DSP

CountyComm GP5/DSP  (Click to enlarge)

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Jim, who points out that the new CountyComm GP-5/SSB is available for pre-order at Universal Radio. Universal expects to ship the GP5/SSB in late November.

I have the CountyComm GP-5/DSP (a.k.a. Tecsun PL-360) and recommend it in my radio travel guide. I especially like the unique external ferrite bar antenna that attaches (and rotates) on top of the radio. Medium wave sensitivity is quite good when the external antenna is attached; best part is you can rotate the antenna to null out unwanted signals.

If the new GP5/SSB has similar receiver performance, this will be an excellent, low-cost portable with SSB mode.

With availability in late November, the GP-5/SSB could be a great radio to give as a gift this holiday season. If time allows, I’ll try to review one in early December.

The GP-5/SSB has been added to the Shortwave Radio Index.

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12 thoughts on “The CountyComm GP-5/SSB: a $79 shortwave portable with SSB

  1. W4ASZ

    I have used the PL-360 with a five-inch (125 mm) Russian ferrite bar antenna wound to 400 uH with Litz wire in lieu of the stock plug-in. Pretty impressive.

    Clipping another 5-inch bar to each end raises the inductance about 40%, which is accepted by the radio. The nulling capability is profound although a 15 inch antenna is a bit much to deal with !

    This has really nothing to do with SSB, but the original PL-360 is not to be sneezed at at all and is fun to play with. Adding SSB is a good idea, and the price is decent.

  2. Daniel Diniz

    I have the pl 360 and it’s an outstanding radio for the price. It’s my travel companion. If they release an SSB version, I’ll definitely buy it, it will be a compact SSB receiver and I can spare my Sony SW 100

  3. Dave Newman

    Great looking radio. Just put in my pre-order and at that price, it is worth seeing how it performs. Might be nice for outdoor and travel use. Thanks for the updates! Love the website, keeping Shortwave going. (I do miss the 70’s and 80’s SW stations! The cold war had it benefits…)

    1. Thomas Post author

      The GP5/DSP is a re-branded Tecsun PL-360. As for the GP5/SSB, however, I haven’t seen a PL-360 with SSB yet. Which model is it? I assume they will hit the market soon, too.

  4. Vimal Oberoi

    If this is modified PL 360 with Silicon Labs chip, then in coming months we can hope to get PL310 and 380 etc too with SSB version:)


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