Mike’s RadioShack Model 2000669 modification to prevent station memory loss

RS-ShortwaveRadioSWLing Post contributor, Mike (W5RST), writes:

This is a follow-up to my mini-review of the new Radio Shack model 2000669 receiver.

Overall, I continue to be quite happy with this receiver, however, I think the loss of memories and time when replacing batteries is annoying.

So, I did a simple mod to the radio to help prevent having to re-program everything after installing new batteries.

I found that there was enough space within the case to tack a 220 µF 6.3 V electrolytic capacitor across the pads on the PC board where the battery leads are attached [see the photo below]. Adding a series resistor to limit current flow might be better, but this simple change seems to be OK.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

The mod won’t prevent long-term memory loss, but it will keep enough voltage on the circuit for a quick battery change (especially if you change one battery at a time). The radio is not actually altered, and the mod can be easily removed if desired.

Close-up of added capacitor.

Close-up of added capacitor.

Many thanks for creating and documenting this simple mod, Mike!

On a side note, I remember when RadioShack used to pride themselves on having a full line of products that could maintain memory if batteries were removed or in case of power outage. RadioShack badged VCRs, receivers, radios and clocks all had this feature in the 1990s, at least.

Again, Mike, many thanks!

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11 thoughts on “Mike’s RadioShack Model 2000669 modification to prevent station memory loss

  1. Chris

    Here is a question for you. My radio eats batteries even if the radio isn’t switched on. The SSB green light stays on whether the radio is on or off if batteries are installed. I love the radio but I don’t want to remove the batteries every time I use it. Thanks.

  2. Rowland

    Can this radio be modified/ hacked to make the scan continuous?? I have one almost brand new and didn’t want to try to modify and ruin a perfectly great radio. I was hoping to turn it into a Spirit Box. Ghost Box if you will. Thx for your help!

  3. Linda

    Hi! Just found your site while searching for “manual”/ instructions that came with the 2000669 as I’ve misplaced mine & now need to reset time & stations. Many thanks if you know of any such site.

  4. Steve

    Are the values on your capacitor mod critical? For instance, would a 470Uf 16v cap work as long as it fits. I have a mini cap of this value at hand. I appreciate you posting your mod. Thanks!

    1. Steve

      Follow up to my previous question. According to the owners manual of RS 200669 and my actual experience, if you replace the batteries within 10 seconds no memory is lost. If you need longer than that, then perhaps the mod will be helpful.

  5. fred Ahumada

    is there possibly a way to make this model radio continuously sweep through stations, or how to modify it to do so?

    1. Delta2124

      I second this question!! I would like to know how to modify the 2000669 to continuously scan unmuted.

  6. Mike

    Hi Matt,

    It’s a nice receiver, but you have to have reasonable expectations for performance. It has good (not great) sensitivity which can be helped by clipping on a wind-up wire antenna. Adjacent channel strong signal rejection is very good. I have heard domestic SW stations with it as well as Radio Australia (ABC)… even monitored a Cuban numbers station. AM and FM BCB are also good. So, it is not comparable to a $50 to $150 receiver but it is compact and useable. Nice ergonomics, too: easy to read display and large buttons.


  7. Matt

    Hello, I have been reading your sight for the last few months and want to thank you for your post. It has been sometime since I have listened to shortwave, and most of my receivers have sadly been sold(except for my 4-8mhz homemade set). I am looking on how to get back into it(cheaply). Would you recommend this radio, for cheap listening?


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