Radio Exterior de España will return to shortwave

RadioExteriorDeEspanaA bit hat tip to SWLing Post contributor, London Shortwave who sent a link to this article from the Spanish news site prtelevisión [click here for English translation].

According to prtelevisión and this article from La Opinión A Coruña [English translation], yesterday morning, the Board of Directors of RTVE approved a proposal to broadcast on shortwave four hours a day: from Monday to Friday (between 20:00 and 24:00 hours) and Saturday/Sunday between 16:00 and 24:00.

The following broadcasts will air:”24 Horas”, “Radiogaceta de los deportes“, “Españoles en la Mar” and “Cinco Continentes“.  In addition, REE plans to cover sporting events.

It appears that the fisheries industry is to thank for this decision to bring REE back on shortwave as ships had no viable means to listen to REE while at sea. According to these sources, shortwave broadcasts will re-start in the near future.

Readers: please comment when you hear REE back on the air.

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11 thoughts on “Radio Exterior de España will return to shortwave

  1. WPE9GHF

    Radio Exterior Espana heard Feb 23, 2015
    2000 z
    9620 and 11685. Other SWLs reported 11940 and 12030 kc
    this same day.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Thanks for the report. Indeed, the 9620 frequency is often VERY strong into north America as an RNE relay. Great was to catch Spanish football and other sports!

  2. Guillermo - gsdx1 blog

    Now, at 1914 UTC, I catched Radio Nacional de España, RNE 1 program, relaying simultaneous with MW and FM, the football match on “Tablero Deportivo” program, very very weak on frequencies 12030 and 11865, also 9620 interferred.

    Guillermo Sáez – Valencia, Spain.

  3. agide

    Finalmente una buona notizia! Ora speriamo che altre emittenti non più sulle OC si accorgano dell’importanza di queste frequenze!

  4. Guillermo - gsdx1 blog

    The new transmissions that will come, aren’t of Radio Exterior de España, but will be, as I read, relays in shortwaves of the 1st program of Spanish public radio (RNE 1), in simultaneous with medium wave and FM. Of cours, only Spanish language programs.
    So not exactly REE returns to shortwaves.

  5. Mike

    The return of REE is very good news. I’ve always enjoyed their programming (especially the music). Everyone who listens should consider dropping them an email or letter so they know that people are listening… it helps when funding renewal comes around.


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