Channel 292: Amateur Radio group broadcasts on former DW frequency

Channel 292 propagation map (Source: Southgate ARC)

Channel 292 propagation map (Source: Southgate ARC)

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Harald Kuhl (DL1ABJ) for sharing this article from the Southgate ARC:

“When the ‘Deutsche Welle’ decided to close down one of their 500 KW short wave broadcast transmitters near Munich at the end of 2012, a group containing some German radio amateurs applied for and were allocated the then available short wave frequency of 6070 KHz in 2013.

This group now have an operational 10KW station on the frequency, using the driver stages from the old Deutsche Welle transmitter. The rest of the transmitter was built by and is run by Rainer DB8QC . The [license] allow transmission 24/7 but at present most transmissions are on a weekend during daylight hours.

Content is mainly provided by existing Internet Radio stations wanting to get their material “on-the-air” this includes several soceities that remember the days of the Pirate Radio pop music stations in the North sea between England and Holland and a lot of their music content is from the 60’s and 70’s.

Additional content is being sought and at only 15 Euros an hour, this is not a corporate big business rather a facility where smaller groups can afford to buy time to transmit their content. One such group is the Deutsche Amateur Radio Club, the National Amateur Radio Society in Germany, who hope to have a weekly 2 hour slot on the station from mid-March to send a DX orientated program, probably from 6pm local time on Sundays.

The DARC DX magazine will be in the German language and targeted towards German speaking listeners. Amateur radio is an international medium however so there are thoughts of also producing an international / English hour in addition, to reach out across Europe not only to radio amateurs but also to short wave listeners and the general public.”

Continue reading on the Southgate ARC website…

Thanks again, Harald! Even though Channel 292 isn’t a blow-torch station, at 15 Euros per hour, nearly any group could afford to broadcast on shortwave. Now to put Channel 292 in the logs!

For more information, click here to view the Channel 242 website.

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6 thoughts on “Channel 292: Amateur Radio group broadcasts on former DW frequency

  1. André/CoolAM Radio

    Hello Matt!

    Thanks in behalve of Channel292 for your nice comments!

    Maybe you’re able to create a program yourself & rent some airtime (low costs!) on
    Channel292 to give it airplay!

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  2. Matt

    Hi I’m from Argentina its my pleasure listen channel 292, i do via utwente receiver SDR in Netherlands ( sorry my Dear Friend Radio Nederland its dead too) via internet, take page up about the history of Channel 292 , when come from the old Tx of another dear lost Deutsche Welle radio, and I’am Ham too and listen Short wave bands from my chilhood, in the 60s … Here its impossible listen mostly your antenna setup and the map show very poor range to 10 KW, with 10 kw its possible Sur America, I undestand the Electricity costs today and the very poor performance or AM , but its the mod predilection, ssb its horrible even for Ham, only justified by speech comprehension,and eficiency not fidelity .
    Well Best Regards from Cordoba, Argentina

  3. Adamush

    I sincerely hope they’re selective about the kind of people they allow to buy airtime. 15 EUR/hour is affordable for even the most hard-up of cranks. I remember listening to IRRS some time ago and hearing a grovelling eulogy of Nelson Mandela’s early terrorist career, followed by a rant about the CIA, followed by a rant about Zionism, followed by (IIRC, since I’d lost interest by this time) a rant about the United States more generally. I remember wondering how it was possible to fit so much nonsense in fifteen minutes.

    Shortwave needs a lot less of this, as it brings the medium into disrepute. Better the transmitter lay idle rather than transmitting repeats of Brother Stair’s unique take on religious programming.

  4. kvzichi

    Unfortunately 6070 is blocked in Eastern North America by CFRX … and by virtue of the fact they broadcast during the day only…. Need to figure out a way to move 5-10 kHz and plan an 0100 UT or later broadcast and see what makes it across the pond!


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