The Sony CF-560s: a shortwave favorite in Spain

Sony-CF-560s-2Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Jesus Leal, for contacting me and sharing photos of his Sony CF-560s shortwave receiver. I have never seen the CF-560s before. I believe the its a relatively rare receiver; indeed, I couldn’t even find one in the completed listings on eBay.

The CF-560s covers AM/FM/SW and has a built-in cassette player/recorder. Being a “boombox” style radio, I imagine the SW filter is wide and, when locked into a strong station, provides rich audio.

Mr. Leal, who lives in the La Mancha region of Spain, uses the Sony CF-560s for regular shortwave listening but also has a Grundig/Eton Satellit 750 in his radio arsenal.

GrundigSatellit750Any other SWLing Post readers have the Sony CF-560s? Looks like a gem of a radio.  The design certainly has strong 1980s nostalgic value.

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2 thoughts on “The Sony CF-560s: a shortwave favorite in Spain


    As a radio lover.. I found this in a Bollywood song. Just the packaging was visible in the background. I looked up online and now discovered this blog.

    Name of the song: lakdi ki Kathi..
    The song features 3 children playing and singing.

    Saquib – VU3HZW

  2. Jean Yannick THEPAUT

    Just found one tonight, lying in the street by a pile of junk … brought it home, plugged it in and it worked on the FM.
    The antenna is broken AON i need to fix that before I can try an tune in to any SW station
    The cassette deck doesn’t work but I’ll try and fix that


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