Listening to the Nepal Emergency Amateur Radio Nets


My pal, @K7al_L3afta, recently posted the following recording of the Nepal emergency amateur radio net via Twitter:

He also recorded this short segment relaying that A65DR is alive and well:

@K7al_L3afta is using a PL-660 in an RFI-heavy, urban environment in Morocco. Even knowing some of these operators are using high power, I’m impressed the PL-660 is getting such good reception.

If you have SSB mode on your receiver, you can try monitoring some of the Nepal emergency nets on 14,205 and 14,215 kHz USB.

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8 thoughts on “Listening to the Nepal Emergency Amateur Radio Nets

  1. Andy Tedds

    Hi, for anyone interested.
    I am streaming audio from my radio shack tuned to 14205KHz onto the Internet at
    My call is KB1UIF. Not fully 24hrs.
    Using a Tentec Jupiter and a 270″ OCF Dipole at about 30″.
    73 de Andy G6JVS / KB1UIF.

  2. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

    Hi everyone.
    A lot of activity right now on 14215kHz USB
    19:15 UTC, 28.04.2015.
    Hopeing for good news.

  3. Neil

    The images coming out of Nepal are harrowing. It’s great to see how many people and groups are helping the rescue efforts — the support is overwhelming. Been sending my thoughts and energy to the people affected by the earthquake as well as financial assistance.


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