Shortwave Radio Recordings: Radio Romania International


For your listening pleasure: 1.5 hours of Radio Romania International, starting with RRI’s English language service.

This recording was made on May 25, 2015 starting around 00:00 UTC on 9730 kHz. I used the TitanSDR Pro software defined receiver and skyloop external antenna to make this off-air recording.  In truth, this is one of the few remaining broadcasters that targets eastern North America; even a simple portable radio would have sufficed.

Click here to download the full recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

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One thought on “Shortwave Radio Recordings: Radio Romania International

  1. Hun Király

    Today, when the SW transmissions are less and less, Radio Romania still broadcasts on SW in English and in Romanian, too. English is understandable, of course, but the Romanian Language International Program needs explonation. These broadcasts are not for the population of Romania, indeed. But since Romania is a poor eastern European country (similar to a black African country in the third World), many million of Romanians work and live outside of Romania, mainly in the rich Western European countries. About the statistics 5 million (!) Romanian people left Romania as seasonal workers or economic refugees. For them there are SW transmissions in Romanian language every day in good quality with great powers. And indeed five million possible listeners worth the broadcasts.


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