Shortwave Radio Recordings: Voice of Turkey, English language service


For your listening pleasure: the Voice of Turkey English language service.

This program was recorded on June 7, 2015, starting around 2205 UTC on 9830 kHz.  I started recording the program a few minutes after the top of the hour when a digital transmission on the same frequency finally went off air. I made this recording with the TitanSDR Pro hooked up to my horizontal delta loop antenna.

You will actually hear a few seconds of the digital broadcast at the very beginning of the recording. Click here to download the recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

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2 thoughts on “Shortwave Radio Recordings: Voice of Turkey, English language service

  1. Bill

    “horizontal delta loop antenna.”

    shape? size (dimensions)?
    Orientation (NW SW) and did you build it yourself?

    Local noise? Are you rural or suburban? And what is the lead-in to the house/Apartment.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Hi, Bill,

      Th loop is in a delta, or triangular shape (not equilateral). It hangs from about 60-70′ between three large trees. I can’t tell you how many feet/meters of wire are in this antenna–because I simply made it a random length as long as possible–but I can tell you that it can tune all the way down to the 160 M band. I use an LDG ATU outdoors to tune it. I feed the tuner with some heavy duty coax from my radio room which is a good 50′ away. The antenna, though, is fed with ladder line. There is very little in the way of RFI, other than my refrigerator compressor and solar charge controller. My house is quite–many here would say *very*–rural. 🙂


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