Universal Radio: Used Tecsun PL-680 for $69.95


I just noticed that Universal Radio is featuring the following used Tecsun PL-680 in their used receiver collection. Here’s the description:

The Tecsun PL-680 receives longwave, AM, FM and SW bands plus VHF Airband. It features a backlit digital display, stereo FM (to ear jack), SSB, clock timer, 2000 Memories, Sync. Detection, ATS and keypad entry. The left side features earphone, external antenna and input voltage jacks. The right side features a variable BFO and tuning knob. The rear panel has a battery compartment for 4 AA cells (not supplied). This PL-680 system includes: box, nice carry case, printed manual and earphone.

The price is $69.95 plus shipping–very reasonable, in my opinion. The best part is Universal Radio offers a reputable 60 day warranty with all of their used items.

I regularly check Universal’s used and demo list. Occasionally, great bargains pop up and I feel I can always buy from them with confidence as they check over each item before posting.

Click here to read our review of the PL-680.

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6 thoughts on “Universal Radio: Used Tecsun PL-680 for $69.95

  1. Frank Holden

    Ah… the amazing ‘now you see me… now you don’t’ PL 680…..

    I bought one from Anon-co 5 weeks ago….. now Anon-co don’t have any, Universal don’t list them in their new radio section… they have just….vanished

    Nice radio by the way….

    1. Mark (new swl-er)

      The guy I spoke to at Universal said understanding was there were no plans to distribute the 680 in the US.

      So far, I am –very– happy with the radio – the sound is great for its size, it handles SSB which was at the top of my list, plus VHF AM airband, and runs seemingly forever on a set of 2700 mAh rechargeable NiMH AA batteries.

      Somewhat surprisingly, its pulling in FM stations we can’t get on any of our car radios unless we drive 40 miles or so north, and AM/MW works well enough for me, getting WLS from Chicago and another W-call station I don’t recall from down in Louisiana.

      Am a bit outside Tulsa, Oklahoma in ‘fly-over’ country.

      I am sure it will sound lame to you long time SWL veterans but last night conditions improved from recent, and the 680 pulled in Rado Romania International in English for about 20 minutes before they switched to French and it was very exciting to me, but not so much to my wife and teenage daughter. Listened for about an hour before moving along.

      Wish I’d bought a similar radio a few decades ago.

  2. Mark (brand new SWL listener)

    I am the person who purchased that very radio from Universal – arrived via UPS today, listening to NPR as I read through the manual.

    Nice sound for a radio this size. Look forward to enjoying it. 🙂

    Besr regards– Mark


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