A very simple mod for your PowerMate controller

My Powermate USB sporting a white rubber band grip.

My Powermate USB sporting a white rubber band grip.

After publishing the post about my PowerMate USB controller, Mike Ladd replied on Facebook:

“Do what I did a couple of years ago and add a lobster claw rubber band to the [PowerMate] tuning wheel.”

In case you’re not familiar, Mike is referring to the thick, wide rubber bands that are placed on lobster claws to hold them shut. Mike included the following video; you can see that the rubber band fits perfectly around the top of the tuning knob, giving it a little extra grip.

This same type of rubber band can often be found in the produce department of grocery stores as it’s used to hold bunches of broccoli, asparagus and other produce together.

Many thanks for the tip, Mike!

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5 thoughts on “A very simple mod for your PowerMate controller

  1. Paul

    Picked up a new Contour Shuttlexpress on my local Craigslist for $10! Will try it now … also looking for a good deal on the Griffin Powermate.

  2. Rui Delgado

    Hi all,

    You can find them at Staples (or similar) but I guess that buying a bunch of them, to take only one, is not a good move.

    Buy broccoli, stay healthy and add grip to Powermate with on shot!

    Rui Delgado

    1. Thomas Post author

      Rui, perhaps we should start a recipe and dieting section of the SWLing Post? 🙂 Now I just need to figure out a wine and beer bottle mod.



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