Jeff gives high marks to the Sangean PR-D4W


My pal, Jeff McMahon, over at the Herculodge, has just posted a video review of the Sangean PR-D4 portable radio. In summary, he writes:

“It’s a great radio with top FM, AM, and speaker sound. It blows away my C.Crane Radio-2E. Lack of illumination, however, makes it less than ideal as a bedside clock radio.”

Wow! I’m most impressed that Jeff places the PR-D4W (which retails for $69 on Amazon) above the venerable CCRadio-2E (which retails for $169 on Amazon) in terms of AM performance.

I just checked and it appears that Universal Radio also retails the PR-D4W for $69.95.

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One thought on “Jeff gives high marks to the Sangean PR-D4W

  1. RoberK Scorpiilo

    I want a Radio that has PRD4 or better Sensitivity and variable bandwitdth AM / FM and very fine tuning .

    So that DXing AM and FM Signals are possible and Stations on the same or adjacent frequencies can be filtered out with offset tuning and very narrow Bandwidth options.

    $150 to $ 200 and of course nice sound when NOT DXing.

    Hopefully AM Talk that is more varied in Content will evolve also…..


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