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Gary regrets getting his refurbished Sangean PR-D4W

You might recall this previous post regarding a limited number of refurbished Sangean PR-D4W units on Amazon.com. Gary notes that he regrets making this purchase:

“Sadly, my refurbished PR-D4W only worked well for a little over one day. Now, medium strength and weaker AM stations have a greatly reduced audio level. Before, they sounded fine. It seems like the AGC is faulty.”

Read his full reply on the Herculodge blog.

And sadly this is the issue with refurbished products.

I spoke with a radio manufacturer once about their process of refurbishing radios. They have a very specific check list, testing and burn-in period after addressing the reported issue. More often than not, refurbished radios come from an inventory of “open box” units where the customer took delivery, opened the box, but returned the unit without reason during the warranty period. Some radios, however, have reported issues and the technician addresses the issue, tests the radio, cleans it, then repackages it. On occasion, some issues slip through because the problem doesn’t show up during the burn in period.

This likely could be the case with your unit, Gary, and you did the right thing to solve it: return it to the retailer!

Thank you for sharing the follow-up!

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Radio Deal: Limited number of refurbished Sangean PR-D4W units on Amazon

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Jeff McMahon, who notes that there are a limited number of Sangean PR-D4W units on Amazon.com.

Click here to view on Amazon.

If you’re seriously considering this radio, check out Gary’s overview on the Herculodge blog.


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Jeff’s Updated Sangean PR-D4W Review


Many thanks to Jeff McMahon, from the Herculodge, who shares an update to his Sangean PR-D4W review.

The good news is that Jeff continues to be impressed with the PR-D4W and ranks it above the venerable C.Crane CCRadio-2E in almost every category. At $64.50 on Amazon, the PR-D4W is a much better value.

Follow this link to his review:


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Jeff gives high marks to the Sangean PR-D4W


My pal, Jeff McMahon, over at the Herculodge, has just posted a video review of the Sangean PR-D4 portable radio. In summary, he writes:

“It’s a great radio with top FM, AM, and speaker sound. It blows away my C.Crane Radio-2E. Lack of illumination, however, makes it less than ideal as a bedside clock radio.”

Wow! I’m most impressed that Jeff places the PR-D4W (which retails for $69 on Amazon) above the venerable CCRadio-2E (which retails for $169 on Amazon) in terms of AM performance.

I just checked and it appears that Universal Radio also retails the PR-D4W for $69.95.

Follow Jeff at the Herculodge and on YouTube.

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