SWLing Post, Number 2,000


This morning, I noticed that we’ve crossed a small milestone here at the SWLing Post: as of this post, there are now 2,000 published posts in our archives.

It’s a bit incredible that it’s already been almost seven years since I started this blog. In the beginning, I had no aspirations for the SWLing Post to become a popular destination for shortwave and amateur radio enthusiasts; it was mainly a site where I could jot down things I found of interest to me and keep tabs on the radio and international broadcasting industry.  I was simply making my bookmarks and thoughts public, perhaps a little in advance of the social media outlets that now exist for shortwave radio and related topics.

A couple of months after starting the SWLing Post, I began using Google Analytics to track readership. I was absolutely floored to discover that, after a year or two online, I had about 200 pageviews per day–meaning, our website guests were reading about 200 pages/posts of information per day! It seemed surreal.

Each year–indeed, each month–that number grew. Now, it’s hard for me to believe the site has about 5,500 daily pageviews.  Per month? We’re up to 167,000. As of today, here’s what Google Analytics gives for our monthly figures:


The thing is, these numbers continue to grow.

Best of all, what does this say–loud and clear!–about these “dying” radio shortwaves, about this old and washed-up medium of communication–?  It says to us:  interest in this hobby is far from dead, but rather, is still alive and well…and perhaps even growing.

And the very best part about hosting the SWLing Post? The community it’s created.  So:

Thanks to everyone who makes this possible–to all of those who create guest posts, to those who comment, and to those who help other readers; thanks to those who participate in and moderate the chat room.  Thanks to the readers who follow, to the SWLers who listen, to all those who care about radio.  Thanks to you all…for the camaraderie, the coffee, the chance to enjoy the growing company of so many readers and fellow-listeners from all around the globe…I am now, and will remain, most humbly grateful.

And to extend my thanks, I’m looking into hosting a forum here on the SWLing Post which should allow for even more interaction within the community.  So, yet again, allow me to say:  Stay tuned!

There’s even more to come.

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13 thoughts on “SWLing Post, Number 2,000

  1. John Chic

    Congratulations Thomas. Thank you for the wonderful site dedicated to the my favorite pastime. I have been SWL’ing now for way more than a half century. Every so often something big comes along that raises the level of pleasure and participation for the SWL’ing community.
    For my part I put your site right up there as the modern equivalent of Passport to World Band Radio.
    73 es DX, de ww3www John

  2. Mario

    You definitely have a good thing going here, Thomas. Initially I’d check your blog every week or so, but now it’s several times a week. The articles on hamfests or vintage radio are my favorites. Even vintage intercepts, such as old recordings from long time SWLs who had the foresight to save them and now are able to share them on your blog make for interesting reading.

    All in all, your blog is definitely the preeminent source of information for SWLs. Congratulations on your 2000th post!

  3. Giuseppe Morlè

    Tom wishes,
    i’am joseph iz0gzw from Ponza island, complimented the 2000 posts reached on swlingpost.
    I always reference your site and hope it continues for many more years.
    Thank you and good listening.
    Joseph iz0gzw.

  4. Mehdi

    Congratulations Thomas.

    I found your blog recently (two months ago) and I’ve read nearly all your posts (and even read some posts twice!)
    Thank you for the great reviews and posts and please keep up the good work.


  5. Dave AA7EE

    Congratulations Thomas. The success of The SWLing Post is well-deserved – you work so hard and regularly to put these great complementary sites together. I have used your site many times for research into receivers when considering purchases and, several years later, have yet to buy one. I am STILL using your site to figure out what I will buy when I finally pull the trigger. I am just a little too good at holding on to my money!

    Thank you for all the great reading, and for your strong commitment to furthering the cause of shortwave broadcasting. You are a strong and necessary voice for this very worthy cause,

    Dave Richards AA7EE
    Oakland, CA.

  6. Robert AK3Q

    Thomas – Congratulations, and many more posts to come!! Your blog has been regular reading for me for several years – I do not miss a day or a post (thanks to the email service!)
    You are an inspiration both in terms of your passion for the hobby and for the opportunities you give us to learn from both yourself and from others.
    Just don’t get so busy feeding us that you don’t take care of your own SWLing needs!
    Robert AK3Q

  7. Sean Fitzgerald

    Congrats! Here to getting for 5000 posts in the future! I check in on your blog several times weekly and have considered it my main source of information regarding the radio listening hobby for years. Thank you.


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