Bill’s simple Sony SRF-59 passive loop antenna modification


In reference to our previous posts about the Sony SRF-59 ultralight receiver, SWLing Post reader, Bill Mead, writes:

“As someone who doesn’t normally open the backs of radios, this is my mod on my ultralight. All it takes is a bit of electrical tape to hold the belt clip on the loop.”

That is, indeed, a brilliant and simple mod. The SRF-59 inductively couples to the loop antenna, so no soldering is needed; simply tape the belt clip to the loop, making sure the position is convenient for tuning the SRF-59 and the loop’s capacitor.

You can find passive loop antennas ranging from $19 to $50 US. The Grundig AN-200 and the Terk AM Advantage are two models currently on the market. Here are a few places you can check prices:

Grundig AN-200:

Terk AM Advantage:

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7 thoughts on “Bill’s simple Sony SRF-59 passive loop antenna modification

  1. rtc

    Tecsun does (did?) make an external mw loop like
    the Terk or Radio Shack:

    or from Amazon:

    BTW you can parallel a 220 pf disc capacitor across the variable
    and thru a switch and it will cover 400-530 khz band very nicely
    for the new 630m ham band.

        1. rtc

          You are most welcome.

          This discussion would not be complete
          without mentioning Paul Karlstrander’s
          excellent PK loop antennas:

          Build quality is superb as is performance.
          He does them for MW and HF;the passive
          150-500 is a winner for LW…this is a
          “150-500 special order” item.

          I have all the above (inc. the 150-500 PK
          above) and can vouch for them.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Yeah, I recognized that RS loop; sad they’re no longer on the market. To my knowledge the only two still being sold are the AN-200 and Terk Advantage. Curious if I’ve missed any other passive loops.


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