Danny’s Tecsun PL-660 still works after a serious mishap


In response to our Mega Review, Danny Bower comments:

Fantastic review and whilst I know the article is an older one people will still read it when looking at a portable SW radio.

With this in mind I would like to make the following comment about the PL660. You say it is bulletproof and boy is it! Mine has been dropped, kicked and overwise abused and it’s still going strong.

Most remarkably it was knocked into a bucket of water, plugged in and powered up and was there for a good couple of hours fully submerged before I realised.

It wasn’t long good for a week or two but after 3 or 4 weeks I have it one last try before binning it and hey presto it came back to life! Ok the volume pot is now a bit scratchy but other than that it’s working just fine.

Want a radio that will take the general abuse of travelling – this is it…

Wow!  Thanks for your comment, Danny! Most impressive that your PL-660 went diving that long and lived to tell the tale. Thanks for sharing!

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7 thoughts on “Danny’s Tecsun PL-660 still works after a serious mishap

  1. Ed McCorry (KI4QDE)

    Juan, I have a Sony ICF-SW7600GR and it has all the bells and whistles including a line out jack. I’ve had it for a year now and I’m very pleased with it.

  2. Juan

    I’m looking to get into the hobby and after researching I ended up wanting to get this radio. However, I still haven’t bought it (or any) because it lacks a Line Out jack.

    Any recommendations?

  3. Edward

    The radio is probably all digital, no IF cans and coils to fill with water. Maybe if you are ambitious take it apart and clean it up (remove all traces of rosin flux and dirt) and conformal coat with clear Krylon and it should take a dunking with no problem. Medical electronics generally are conformal coated to take the punishment of decontamination and work again.

  4. Ron Ellwood-Thompson

    Wow that is some radio to have survived that ‘dunking’. Probably spraying some water repellent lube into the volume control may help., Still a good story of how good this radio is. thank you.


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