Hearing Ghadir: Iran’s Sepehr Phased Radar System


In response to Andrea’s UVB-76 recording, SWLing Post contributor, Mehdi, comments:

Thomas, another signal which may sound mysterious:

Iran’s OTH Radar, named “Ghadir”; part of Iran’s Sepehr Phased Radar System.

They’d polluted the 10-meter band [in the past]; now they transmit on 26MHZ. (See spectrum in screen capture above.)

Sound: https://clyp.it/ldpxab2a

By the way, here’s my recording of UVB-76:

Many thanks for sharing those audio clips, Mehdi! Now I’ll know what Ghadir sounds like, should I hear it on the bands.

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One thought on “Hearing Ghadir: Iran’s Sepehr Phased Radar System

  1. 13dka

    Holy %&$!! This signal was all over the place every time I did some outdoors 11m DXing this summer. For some reason it showed up on numerous frequencies between 26 and 28 MHz, given the mediocre signal strength it was probably their transmitter, not my receiver causing the wideband QRM. Or there were some more of those OTHs active at that time. Sorry dear Russians, for falsely suspecting you! 🙂


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