UVB-76: The Buzzer surfaces on 6,998 kHz

Photo: Andrea Borgnino

Image: Andrea Borgnino

My buddy, Andrea Borgnino, recently heard UVB-76 (The Buzzer) on 6,998 kHz with his Elecraft K3 in Italy. Check out this short video:

While the audio sounds identical to that of UVB-76’s on 4,625 kHz. I strongly suspect this is simply a pirate radio station relay–especially since it’s broadcasting just below the 40 meter ham radio band. Either way, it’s a great catch! Thanks for sharing, Andrea!

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7 thoughts on “UVB-76: The Buzzer surfaces on 6,998 kHz

  1. Edward

    At first I thought is was leakage from CFL lamp then I thought it was from digital battery charger then the solar PV converter. I started throwing breakers in the basement then the main breaker, No dice, Then I took the portable SW around the neighborhood, signal strength did not change so it must be distant. Thanks for the explanation.

  2. Mehdi

    Hi Thomas
    Thank you. You just solved a mystery for me.
    I heard exactly this sound on my Tecsun PL-680 on 7.0MHZ in Iran. I think it was October 24 .
    At first I thought it’s a VOX activated by ship horn 🙂


  3. Bill

    I first heard about this on one of Gilles’ videos. I’ve heard it a couple of times here in Pennsylvania, very weakly, of course.


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