James’ restored Sony ICF-5800H

Sony Vintage radio ICF 5800H 001

SWLing Post contributor, James Patterson, has recently restored a Sony ICF-5800H. James sent me a few photos and I decided to post them here.

Sony Vintage radio ICF 5800H 003

I absolutely love the design of Japanese analog radios from this era. They have signal meters, large backlit dials, carry straps, and proper large controls–buttons, switches and knobs–that can even be operated when wearing gloves in the winter.

Sony Vintage radio ICF 5800H 002 (1)

Great receiver you have there, James!

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9 thoughts on “James’ restored Sony ICF-5800H

  1. Ian Miller

    Great radio – I have identical but a few days ago stopped functioning correctly – other than all 4 mounting screws now not functional it isn’t able to change bands (selector works) and has intermittent reception. Any ideas where/how I can get this repaired? (Sydney, Australia)

  2. Buck

    I bought mine in Hokkaido, Japan in 1975 and it still works like a champ. I had to get a new AC cord in Tokyo last spring, but it is the best radio I have ever owned. I use it every day. It is durable and has terrific reception picking up stations as far away as LA and I am in Seattle. I have, on one occasion, even picked up a station in Minneapolis while in Seattle. It is pretty much in original condition. The strap is getting a little worn but otherwise, everything is original — except for the AC cord.

  3. Mario Filippi

    What’s great about those older radios is the analog S meter, nothing thrills you as much as the meter swinging while tuning in a station. This is a great example of portables that were sold in the 70’s that were aesthetically pleasing to the eye and instilled a sense of adventure onthe shortwave bands. Enjoy the radio, James! And thanks Thomas for posting.

  4. Guy Atkins

    Yes, a beautiful set! I see the non-original treble knob and a repaired light switch, but the set still looks super.

    I’ll bet that Sony was trying to capitalize on the popularity of Panasonic’s “Command Series” RF-XXXX receivers, with their no nonsense, military looking design.

    James, does your ICF-5800H have good audio? Have you compared it to any Panasonic receivers of the same era?

    1. Thomas Post author

      I’m a sucker for the military design as well! Indeed, I just purchased an untested Sony ICF-5500W. It’ll most likely need some restoration. It doesn’t have shortwave, but it does have the excellent looks!

  5. Roy

    Beautiful. Love these types of radios. Would love to see more about the restoration – I can only detect a possible new treble knob.


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