VOA Radiogram 128 on a cheap Tesco shortwave radio


SWLing Post reader, Christopher, lives on the north coast of Labrador, Canada. He recently contacted me regarding the purchase of a new receiver–he’s currently stuck with a very inexpensive analog portable he purchased at the UK grocery store, Tesco: the Tesco RAD-108.

While the RAD-108 has poor sensitivity and selectivity, it’s still (evidently) more than capable of receiving the VOA Radiogram. Many thanks to Christopher for sharing this video he found on YouTube:

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2 thoughts on “VOA Radiogram 128 on a cheap Tesco shortwave radio

  1. Mike

    So, in over 37 years in radio I always thought a radiogram was a message passed on a traffic net. What is the purpose of a VOA radiogram?

    Mike N6HBJ

  2. Marty

    Great video! Just goes to show that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to succeed at Shortwave Listening… Including decoding digital modes.




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